Jalna's Tinker Toy

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Jalna's Tinker Toy
Jalna's Call Me Remmie
Jalnas Teddy Cuddles
Jalna's Tenacious Trooper
Jalna's Tender Touch Babe
Jalna's Terrific Teaser
Can CH Jalna's Tia The Teal Tracker
Jalna's Tiny Terror
Rusty Hunter of Jalna
Can Ch Westerlea's Coast To Coast CD
Westerlea's Digby Teal
Westerlea's Ginger Cream
Can Ch Westerlea's Ocean Playground
Can Ch Westerlea's River Lady
Can Ch Danny Boy of Harbour Lights
Cinda-Gem of Harbourlight's
Green Meadows Buttons & Bows
Green Meadows Candy Kisses
Green Meadows Markland
Can CH Harbour Lights Autumn Fancy
Harbourlights Village Sire
Miss Cindy of Harbourlights
Green Meadows Lac-a-Pac Pal
Green Meadows Scot of Acadie
Betty of Schubendorf
Brandy of Schubendorf
Brownie of Schubendorf
Cindy of Schubendorf
Digger of Schubendorf
Leigh of Schubendorf
Lindy of Schubendorf
Little Danof Schubendorf
Millie of Schubendorf
CAN CH Nichi of Schubendorf
Rufus of Schubendorf
Rusty of Schubendorf
Schubendorf's Sam
Skipper of Schubendorf
Sport of Schubendorf
Sunny of Schubendorf
Taffee of Schubendorf
Tinker of Schubendorf
Val of Schubendorf
Can Ch Westerlea's Copper Vixen
Westerlea's Bo of Cheticamp
Westerlea's Cally's Comet
CAN/MEX CH Westerlea's Cinnamon Teal CAN/MEX CD GRCA WC
Westerlea's Decoy Duchess
Can Ch Westerlea's Dory Skipper
Can Ch Westerlea's Flying Fox
Westerlea's Maple Taffy
Westerlea's Mistress McNabb
Can CH Westerlea's Red Duster
Can CH Westerlea's Rippling Brook CDX WC
Westerlea's Siren Fancy
Can Ch Westerlea's Summer Sunset
Westerlea's Taster's Choice
Westerlea's Tofino Decoy
Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel WC CDX
Westerlea's Voyageur of Jalna
Westerlea's Blue Peter
Westerlea's Terra Nova Maiden
Westerlea's Lahaina Sunset
Westerlea's Sir Toby
Westerlea's Pint o' Guinness
Westerlea's Nimpkish Copper
Westerlea's Blazing Sunrise
Can Ch Westerlea's White Ensign
Westerlea's Acadian Belle
Can Ch Westerlea's Commander Cody
Westerlea's Johnny Canuck
Can CH Westerlea's Cinnstar Eric
Westerlea's Kia
Westerlea's Coffeenova
Can Ch Sundrummers Seawitch
Sundrummers Amber Contessa
Can Ch Sundrummers Ardun Ella CD
Sundrummers Commander Harry
Sundrummers Northern Red
Sundrummers Red Emperor
Sundrummers Rhonda
Can CH Jalna's Brazen Brat
Jalna's Beau Buster Brown
Jalna's Big Bold Boots
Jalna's Big Brown Eyes
Jalna's Bold Red Beauty
Jalna's Bonny Britches
Jalna's Born Free Babee
Jalna's Bounding Blaze
Jalna's Brandon Traveling Babe
Jalna's Brandy Benetta Bay CD
Jalna's Oneka The One N Only
N UCH Jalna's Onolee Over The Ocean
Jalna's Onward Omega
Can Ch Jalna's Our Only One CD
Jalna's Our Other One
Jalna's Out of Orbit
Can CH Jalna's Red Emperor
Can CH Jalna's Eager Boots CDX TT
Jalna's Elegance In Red
Can Ch Jalna's Enchanted Red Ember
Can Ch Jalna's Red Explorer
Can Ch Crusader of Jeffery Coldwell CD
Can CH Contessa of Jeffery Coldwell
Duke of Jeffery-Coldwell
Jeffery of Port Williams
Jeffery's Kama
Red's Boy of Jeffery Coldwell
Schurman's Haidee of Jeffery
Tess Coldwell of Jeffery
Sproul's Jennifer Jalna
Sproul's Happy Charny
Can Ch Sproul's Merry Maiden CD
Sproul's Tantramar Titan
Can Ch Sproul's Tantramar Toby CD
Sproul's Love For Drummer
Can Ch Sproul's Lady MacGregor
Robbie MacGregor of Sproul
Rusty Dan of Sproul
Sproul's Acadian Jewel
Sproul's Benedict
Sproul's Rufus The Great
Tawnee Abbe of Sproul

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