Cinnstars Carolina Inca Dove WCI

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Cinnstars Carolina Inca Dove WCI
Charlotte Cinnstar Swift
Cinnstar's Enie Mac WC
CAN AKC CH Cinnstars Ravenwood Cu Ruadh
Cinnstar's Ruf'n-Redy
Spinaker Cinnstar
Ch Harbourlights Bentley Chase II WCX
Harbourlights Ceilidh Breton
Harbourlights Foxy River Deke
Harbourlights Highlan Belle
Harbourlights Red Prince
Harbourlights Sadie Nova Segar
Harbourlights Scotia Cinnimon
Harbourlights Scotian Surf 2nd
Harbourlights Watsons Roxy CDX WC
Harbourlights Big Splash
Buff Fox of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Bold Picton
Harbourlights Foxy Kahle
Harbourlights Happy Prince
Harbourlights Patches
Harbourlights Red Scamp
Mallorys Leaves of Fall
Sandy Brandy of West Newton
Boo-Evil of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Foxy Tawny
Bonnie of Chestnut St.
Clyde of Chestnut St.
Harbourlights Mic Mac Marnie
Harbourlights Miss Molly
Nanapashemet Bell Toller
Harbourlights Scotia Belle
Coreen Cousteau Plaisance
Harbourlight Toby Light
Harbourlights Ala Gatter
Harbourlights Blue Sky's Aspen
Harbourlights Foxy Lady
Harbourlights Golden Fancy
Harbourlights Golden Kahli
Harbourlights Heilan Laddie
Can Ch Harbourlights Joshua CD CDX
Harbourlights Little Badger
Harbourlights Merle Mazer
Harbourlights Nova Nada
Harbourlights Penelope Rouge
Harbourlights Quasi Modo
Harbourlight's Red Chinook
Harbourlights Red Fancy
Harbourlights Schooner
Harbourlights Scotia Bandit
Harbourlights Scotia Kipper
Harbourlights Tawny Cove
Jock O'Dee of Harbourlights
Lady Linda of Harbourlight
Mason's Dixie Delight
Harbourlights Scotia Boy
Harbourlights Red Kali
Bengie Lahave of Harbourlight
Crane Lakes Little River Scoter
Dede of Harbourlights
Queenie of Harbourlights
Cinnstar's American Kestral
Cinnstar California Chuckar
AKC/NSDTRC CH HR Cinnstar's Cherokee Flash CDX WCX NA VCX
Cinnstar's Chyenne Autum Rose
Cinnstar's Corky
Cinnstar's Link to Ravenwood CD WC
CAN CH Cinnstar's MacKenzie WC
OTCh HRCh Ch Cinnstar's Northern Answer WCX SH ADC AG.N. CGC
Cinnstars Penny of Sumerset
Goldie Jenkins of Cinnstar
Westharbour Echo of Cinnstar
Frazier Nichols of Cinnstar
Cinnstar's Bob
CAN/MEX CH HR Cinnstar's Ian of Little River*** CAN/MEX/NSDTRC CD WC
Cinnstar's Canela Roja
Cinnstar's Creekbank Tule
Cinnstar's Ghillie Malt
Cinnstar's Russet Vixen
Cinnstar's Southern Star
Cinnstar's Westerlea Redhead
Cody Mare of Cinnstar
Wally of Cinnstar
Solidaire of Jeffery Coldwell CD
Blaze of Jeffery-Coldwell
Littleriver Rainbow
Littlerivers Arden Mist
Scarlet of Jeffery-Coldwell
Tusket Garrett
CAN/MEX CH Westerlea's Cinnamon Teal CAN/MEX CD GRCA WC
Westerlea's Bo of Cheticamp
Westerlea's Cally's Comet
Can Ch Westerlea's Copper Vixen
Westerlea's Decoy Duchess
Can Ch Westerlea's Dory Skipper
Can Ch Westerlea's Flying Fox
Westerlea's Maple Taffy
Westerlea's Mistress McNabb
Can CH Westerlea's Red Duster
Can CH Westerlea's Rippling Brook CDX WC
Westerlea's Siren Fancy
Can Ch Westerlea's Summer Sunset
Westerlea's Taster's Choice
Westerlea's Tofino Decoy
Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel WC CDX
Westerlea's Voyageur of Jalna
Westerlea's Blue Peter
Westerlea's Terra Nova Maiden
Westerlea's Lahaina Sunset
Westerlea's Sir Toby
Westerlea's Pint o' Guinness
Westerlea's Nimpkish Copper
Westerlea's Blazing Sunrise
HR Cinnstar's Southern Fundy Fox CAN/MEX/NSDTRC CD WCX
Acadia Red of Cinnstar
Bette's Boy of Cinnstar
Chase of Cinnstar
Cinnstar's Ashleigh
Cinnstar's Johnny Walker Red
Cinnstar's Louisiana Woodie
Cinnstar's Mazey
Cinnstar's Red Toller
Cinnstar's Slippery Slick
Max of Cinnstar
Wally Wally Cinnstar
Harbourlights Nedgewick
Harbourlights Burritts Chancy
Harbourlights Jasmine
Harbourlights Laddie Buck
Harbourlights Miss Emma
Harbourlights Tawnys Rose
CAN/MEX CH Cinnstar's Western Ptarmigan
CAN/MEX CH Cinnstar's American Widgeon CAN/MEX CD WC
Cinnstar's Foxy Diane

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