NSDTRC / Can CH U-CD Cobscook's Vermilion Wager CDX WCX Can CD WCX JH TDI ROM VCX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

NSDTRC / Can CH U-CD Cobscook's Vermilion Wager CDX WCX Can CD WCX JH TDI ROM VCX
Cobscook's Chiputneticook
Cobscook's Fergus
MHR Cobscook's Ruddy Buddy WCX
Cobscook's Teal of Cumberland
Cobscook's Toby
Can Ch Littleriver's Yellowrose CD
Amber of Littleriver (11/88)
Audubon of Littleriver
Boots of Littleriver (88)
Clae of Littleriver
Ducky of Littleriver
Can Ch Hyflyer's Pearl
Jib of Littleriver
Jock of Littleriver
Kirby of Littleriver
Lady of Littleriver
Can Ch Littleriver's Cassey
Littleriver's Gilhooley
Littleriver's Jenny
Littleriver's Woode
Myrtle of Littleriver
Pep of Littleriver
Restigouch of Littleriver
Rover of Littleriver
Rusti of Littleriver
Scotia of Littleriver
Tess Two of Littleriver
Tessa of Littleriver
Wally of Littleriver
Brooke Of Littleriver
Digby Of Littleriver
Sport of Littleriver
Littleriver Dexter
Briggs of Jeffery-Coldwell
Carver of Jeffery-Coldwell
Charley of Jeffery Coldwell
Clair of Jeffery-Coldwell
Daley of Jeffery-Coldwell
Gentil of Jeffery-Coldwell
Goldee of Jeffery Coldwell
Hans of Jeffery-Coldwell
Jason of Jeffery-Coldwell
Johnston of Jeffery-Coldwell
Ladie of Jeffery-Coldwell
CAN CH Windy of Jeffery-Coldwell 2nd CD TT
Woodsie Garrett
Scarlet of Jeffery-Coldwell
Blaze of Jeffery-Coldwell
Littleriver Rainbow
Littlerivers Arden Mist
Solidaire of Jeffery Coldwell CD
Tusket Garrett
Tess of Littleriver
Goldie of Littleriver
Hrolf of Little River
Jeff of Littleriver
Lady Peaches of Littleriver
Littleriver's Kandy 2nd
Mindy of Littleriver
Nicholas of Little River
Pierre of Littleriver
Rocky of Little River
Tanner of Little River
Joshua of Jeffery-Coldwell
Rosie of Jeffery Coldwell
Bootes of Jeffery Coldwell
Cayuga's Targhee
Cayuga's Lady of Valhalla
Cayuga's Ruby
SR NSDTRC/Can CH Bhalgair of Lennoxlove CDX WCX
Brandy Glyngyle Harrel
Haden's Duke of Hamilton
Radar of York
WR CanOTCH NSDTRC/Can CH Sylvan's Rusty Jones UD WC, Can WCX TT
Sylvan's Ball O'Fire
Sylvan's Duke Wellington
Sylvan's Frosty Angel
Sylvan's Golden Charmer
Sylvan's Happy Holly
Sylvan's Redwood Chip
Sylvan's Strawberry Shortcake
Sylvan's Sugar And Spice
Sproul's Glyngyle Holly
Lady Victoria of Sproul
Sproul's Acadian Rogue
Sproul's Haliburton
Can Ch Sproul's Highland Lassie
Sproul's Honey
Sproul's Lucky Legend
Sproul's Mr. Scotia
Sproul's Nutmeg Maggie
Sproul's Red Lass
Collier's Lashbrook Tracadie
Colliers' Arabelle Kali
Colliers' Bill
Colliers' Earl of Kansas
Collier's Legend of Lucky
Collier's Magical Tyler
Colliers' Mapleleaf Ambassador
VDH LUX NL CH CH Colliers' Ontario's Good Luck
Collier's Sable And Lace
Collier's Tucker of Chester
Collier's Zachariah Macdonald
Foxdown's Sable Lucky
Can CH Duchess Nova of Foxdown
Foxdown's Mystican Lady
Lady Cara of Foxdown
Can Ch Cabottrails Belle of The Isle
Can CH Cabottrail's Copper Mist
Cabottrails Delightfully Yours
Cabottrail's Kit of Tollhaven
Can CH Cabottrail's Laird MacEwan CD
Cabottrail's Red Rascal
RJ's Cosmo of Cabottrail

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